Saturday, December 28, 2013

Men of Holsum College Series, books 1-8 by Daisy Harris


Daisy Harris, Men of Holsum College Series, Overall rating

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Ok, now i will admit it, my guilty pleasure, well one of them ;) is my gay erotica.
Daisy Harris, has become a favorite of mine pretty quick with her men from Holsum College.
I originally received the first book, College Boys via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, and ended up with a love affair with Daisy, greedily I snatched up the entire series. 
These are 8 short stories ranging from 90 to 150 pages each about life, love, friendship, highs, lows, finding yourself and coming out at Holsum College.

Come stop by  meet the students, I can guarantee you wont be disappointed. 

Would I recommend this series: 
Yes, I pimp not only this book, but the entire series every chance I get.

Would I re-read this series: 

Would I read future books by this author: 
Hell Yes, I'm this woman has a lot on my TBR list! 

Want to connect with Daisy? 

18+ ONLY

For some extra steamy and VERY grapic pictures and .gifs, You can head over to the Tumblr page and see some intimate moments from Holsum College

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