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This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Three, Two, One, Zero, Baby....

I had never heard of Jodi Ellen Malpas, boy was i missing out, until one of my fav authors, Rachael Wade posted a review and a give away to this book on her page. 

I entered with the thought of meh if I win good, if not no loss. (so wrong)
I try to steer clear of books that have the "if you like fifty shades you will love this one" category, I find them to be either dull, unrealistic and lifeless or boarding on (or actually on) the abusive side. 

I won a copy and ended up just storing it on my kindle for later reading. 
The more I read the reviews the more put off I was, seeing abusive, domestic violence, disturbing, horrible as headings had me not waiting to read it. 
I mean lets face it, review headings like that stand out more then the positive ones. 

I ran out of reading material, and found it on my kindle (about a month after I got it)
I decided to give it a go, I mean if one of my fav authors is pimpin' out this book, there has to be something good with it. 

It took about 3 chapters to get into it, but that could have been me being skeptical towards the book due to bad reviews. And then... WoW! 
“Just tell me one thing before you leave, Ava.” His voice prickles at my senses… His face is serious, but still stunning. “How loud do you think you’ll scream when I fuck you?” 
Right from the get go the attraction and chemistry between Jesse and Ava is phenomenon. 
I like the cat and mouse chase that's played out between them. 

Yes Jesse is highly dominating, overly confident, fierce and quiet arrogant. He can be very forceful at points, but it's nothing that Ava doesn't want, hell she begs for more. 
“God!” I scream.

“No, baby, that’s me” 
But he is also very sensual, loving, loyal and caring. Doing everything and anything to keep Ava safe, even if it seems a little (or a lot) unreasonable to some. 

He is also very secretive and seems to be quiet scared in many parts, especially of his past and losing Ava. 

As for Ava, she is a very typical 26yr old with limited experience, insecurities and just coming from a long term relationship with a cheating ass.  
“Thank you for the warning, but I think I'm grown up enough to decide who I build my dreams on.” 
She is very unsure of herself and her feelings. Always trying to talk herself out of what she truly wants and needs. 

Ava has a natural loving and nurturing personality that just makes you instantly love her, and slap her too at times haha. 
“No fucking about. I want inside you now. You fuck about, I swear to God...” 

Now the sex, ladies keep your toys close by while Jesse steams up the pages with his dominance, sleepy sex, hangover sex, reminder fucks, sense fucks, seeing stars, retribution fucks, apology fucks, possessive fucks, and making friends fucks just to name a few, will leave a lot of one handed reading ;)

“I can be quiet, I whisper. 'gag me if you must.' He smirks. 'Trust me, you'll be screaming. No gag will stifle it.

I've seen recent reviews of people comparing Jesse and Ava to Christian and Ana(50 shades) PLEASE STOP! 
Jesse and Ava are in a league of their own. 

This book is NOT a 50 shades book.

The characters in the book are amazing, you find yourself loving almost everyone from drool worthy God Jesse all the way to glitter puffs Tom. And even the pains in the story (Matt and Sarah) have a great purpose in the story. And don't get me started about Sam and Kate, those two deserve a book of their own (hint hint Jodi ;) )

It is raw, full of emotion and passion. 
It has a lot of highs and lows in this story leaving you an emotional wreck in parts. 

“You’ll always need me, Ava. I’m going to make sure of it. Now, let’s see if we can fuck some sense into you.” 

Jodi has a way of drawing you into the story, making sure you feel each and every bump in the book, whether it is good, bad or damn right hot! 
I've only had two other authors who has actually put tears in my eyes (Roni Loren and Tiffany Reisz, the absolute legends!) just from the connection they draws in books to their readers, Congrats Jodi, you have succeeded in doing the same! 

I finished the first book in under 24hrs, and what a cliff hanger if was. I HAD to read the first few chapters of 2 just to chill me out and calm my nerves. Those who have read it will understand why my nerves were shot and my heart was broken :) 

I can not wait to finish book 2 and 3. 

Would also love to see Jodi write something about Sam and Kate. 
“I’m suddenly catapulted to Central Jesse Cloud Nine.”

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Would I recommend this series: 
Yes, I pimp not only this book, but the entire series every chance I get.

Would I re-read this series: 
Multiple times.

Would I read future books by this author: 
Hell Yes, I'm stalking this woman! 

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