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Sing, Songs of Submission # 7, CD Reiss

Book 7, Sing. 166pg ebook

“I kissed him like I kissed him every time since he fell into my arms— like it might be the last.” 

I.... No.... How.... Why.... WOW!

This book took me a little longer than I thought it would to read, I actually had to have a few breathers in between. 
CD ripped my heart out and threw it into the blender, then casually stuffed it back in my chest.... multiple times.
Normally my reviews go up right after I have finished, not the case with this one, you guys would be reading a blubbering mess if I did. 

So, Sing starts a little after that dreaded cliffhanger in Resist. Jonathan is in hospital after he collapsed and lost consciousness at the sight of his fathers handkerchief in Monica's hand, and things are not going to smoothly for him.  

"Have me, please. I was wrong. You're not the sea under my sky. You are the sun I revolve around, the stars that mark me, the moon rising through me. I'm lost without you. And if you won't have me, I'll break, I swear to God. I know it's selfish, and I'm sorry. Let me serve you. Have me as yours. Let me live under you."

Jonathan is far from the strong, controlling and dominating man that we have gotten use to. He is fragile and weakened, and laying up in the hospital, is the vision we have. 
He is surrounded by everyone and we meet his sisters, I have to say, I love Margie. We also meet his mother and get some insight of Declan, the sneaky, selfish bastard!  And all he wants is his Goddess.

Monica has to keep everything together, and is failing. 
Her world is falling apart, her job, her career and her personal life. She doesn't see a way to change any of it. But she isn't willing to give up, an idea forms in her mind, an unthinkable and quiet shocking idea, one that may leave her separated from Jonathan, She knows that she will need the help of the one man that it would kill Jonathan to know she was speaking to, Declan. Declan is willing to help, but it will cost her. And Jonathan. He wants to speak with Jonathan, or he wont help Monica get the "window" she needs. The "window" to save Jonathan.

Jonathan will do anything and everything to protect Monica, to grant her any piece of happiness. Even agreeing seeing his father at her request? 

I will never look at key rings the same way again, that is all I am saying :)

"You’re a manipulative bastard, a brazen liar, and a sadist. You've brought me to my knees. You've dominated me. You've told me who I am and then challenged me to be it. If you made me strong enough to stand up to the world, let me stand by you. If you completed the woman I am, let me be that woman in your honor. Every part in my body is dedicated to you. Every note I sing. Every breath in my lungs. My pleasure and pain. Take me. Let me serve you. Let me be yours." 
Sex? Well not so much, but that doesn't make this book any less incredible.
In fact, despite my poor heart giving out on me a few times, I really love the depth of this story. The love that shines through is felt. The way he needs her as much as she needs him comes across loud and clear. Now, that's not to say that there isn't any sex, and like normal, keep the toys handy ladies :)

“He kissed me at the base of my neck. His lips were full and soft, more than lips; they were the physical manifestation of every taste of longing, every tingle of desire, every scorch of ambition.” 
Oh your probably wondering where Jessica is during all of this, well lets just say, the bitch is finally paying ;)

I laughed, cried, gasped, prayed, got angry and cried again, this book rips your heart out, but CD gives it back to you, just not in the same shape it was before you started. Don't forget your tissues when you start this one, they are really needed. 

 Now, I am off to read Monica, I am told this one is the band-aide :)
Then, on to the long wait for Spin, out on 15th March, 2014.

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What better way to promote our blog and very first giveaway than with none other then Rachael Wade's new release, 
My name is Elise Duchamp. I’m twenty-three years old and I’m known as the town whore. 
No, not the kind who exchanges sexual favors for money. The other kind. The kind who gives it all away for free, whenever and however she likes. I am that girl. The one everyone whispers about and the one none of the girls seem to like, because all of their boyfriends either want to sleep with me or already have. Promiscuity is my thing—the kind that slowly, violently turns my insides black, but gives me something I need.
All things considered, I’m not completely reckless. I’m safe, and contrary to popular opinion, I do have a heart. I live in a world of careless choices, and with those choices come careless people. I cannot judge them, because I am one of them. I too bow down to the altar of the self-serving. I am not a good friend. I am not and never could be anyone’s girlfriend. I’m convinced any goodness in me shriveled up and died long ago.
But I am a replacement. That is something I know how to be, 
and this is a story of the lengths I’d go to in order to keep it that way.

Sounds good, right? 

Of course it does, its Rachael Wade! 

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Resist, Songs of Submission # 6, CD Reiss

Book 6, Resist. 128pg ebook
“I feel like no one’s ever loved me before.” 

“I’m sure they did their best, but you always belonged to me.”

The first thing you see is a big 'ole warning from CD

Massive Cliffhanger at the end"
Yes, I know you forewarned us at the start, but, far out woman!!!! 

Now that that is out there, lets move on.

So, at the end of Burn, Jonathan and Monica finally patch things up, he declares his love for her, and then BAM! Out come the handcuff, and not in a kinky way.

Jessica has her claws out and wanting money, so what does she do? Bitch has Jonathan charged with domestic violence, and she has proof. A nicely welted ass and a recording of the events, edited in her favor of course. 

Monica is hell bend on protecting her man at any cost, even going into the bitches den.
And like always, terrified of losing her that he is secretive with her, pushing her to do some really unthinkable things, leaving both of them hurt. 
"We are bound. I can't be unfaithful to you any more than the sky can be unfaithful to the sea."
Jonathan has some very big self loathing moments, he believes he will destroy any and every woman he loves, pushing him to put a wall up and shut out everyone, Monica included.
His past is starting to fall into place, but i feel we still have a long ways to go before we understand it entirely.
Thankfully, the dark cloud of the full events of that night with Rachel is uncovered when Jonathan's memory of it all come flooding back. 

Now to the sex, because come on, everyone wants to know this, and what can I say, CD delivers.
*I will never look at a tea bag the same way again, just sayin'*
The start so damn quick in this book, and are so much more dominating. 
I've seen words like, Hot, sizzling and pantie melting, let me tell you all now, those words don't even come close. CD has gone above and beyond any of the sex scenes in the other books combined. Don't get me wrong, they are sizzling, hot, pantie melting moments, yet they are more, this books should come with a warning, or maybe a vibe?  Just a thought lol

Oh I almost forgot, Darren, how I  love him being all aggressive ;) 
"Just stop. The next time I hear you two broke up, I'm sending out wedding invitations."

Ok, Ok, in regards to my earlier "we're not friends" gif, who am I trying to kid?  


I"m off to read the next in the series, Sing
I heard a little rumor that there may be a 8th book? 
I will have to hunt around and see what I can find out.
Fingers crossed  

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rachel, Songs of Submission # 5.5, CD Reiss

Book 5.5, Rachel. 23pg ebook
"Do people like you ever have wishes, Jonathan?"

This little chapter is incredible!  A short trip into the past with Jonathan.

A much younger Jonathan at his and Jessica's engagement party at his parents home.
Being home always brought back the memories, especially when he was around his father, but tonight was different.
His father takes notice when Jonathan is captivated by a young dark haired beauty who was playing the viola, and makes his point that its "normal" to want girls that age, pushing Jonathan out of his comfort zone, a place he didn't have full control. 

His engagement party was a typical fancy affair that had everything, including a hypnosis, one his sisters seem to think he needs to see to help him relax a little. 
He is taken back to to his time with Rachel.
"Lets get this over with," I said.

"Said like a true anxious man. Can you focus your mind on what's making you tense? I'm going to count backwards from ten."

The string quartet keyed up and began with Mendelssohn. Very nice, even for a group of teenagers. Despite being from the gifted school, I hadn't expected much, especially not from the viola. No one could be that beautiful and talented at the same time. But her beauty carried to her playing, because as David counted back from ten, I didn't hear a goddamn thing past five except the viola as if there was not another instrument on the planet.
Rachel, the former underage mistress of his fathers, hold a place in Jonathan's heart. 
Even at 16 years old he had to be in control, not entirely a D/s way, but it was there.
All her wants is to protect her, to keep her safely away from his father, her step father and to be able to be with her in public. 
All she wanted was to be free. Free from her crap life where being used and abused is the normal for her. Just Free. 
A drunken argument has everything spiraling out of control, something traumatic happened, something bad enough to leave a hole in Jonathan's memory. 

This answers so many questions about his teenage years, gives some insight to his relationship with Jessica, and also has a little surprise twist.
But still leaves a few things unanswered. 
Do they know? What happened to Rachel? 
Is she really gone? 

Up next, we are back in the presence with Resist.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Burn, Songs of Submission # 5, CD Reiss

Book 5, Burn. 197pg ebook
“What we have isn't something we made. It’s something that existed before we even met.” 
Ok so I am just going to get this off my chest and out there....  
Much better ;)

Burn is in both Jonathan and Monica's POV again, and I am so glad CD choose to continue like this. Watching how they both are dealing with things draws you deeper into the story.

Jonathan is patiently waiting for Monica to return to him after leaving him standing alone at the door as she ran off in the cab. He keeps tabs on her, just to feel close to her. To know she is safe. To have some form of her in his life. To show her that she belongs to him, not just her body, but her heart. 
“I feel your hands on your phone when you read my texts." 
Monica does everything she can do to keep away from him, and away from her house after the camera's were found. She plods along, and on the outside she seems fine, coping with being alone once again. But on the inside, she is a mess. She has realized that she loves the one man who she cant have. It would ruin her. But she cant really let go. 
“I missed his sharp tongue and his strong arms. Yes, I missed his dick and all our play, but it was the loss of his stare, the warmth of his attention, and the emotional safety of his sphere of influence made me feel unmoored.” 
The bitch rears her head once again, she cant leave well enough alone, and rocks up at Jonathan's, wanting him back, begging for him to take her how he likes, Jonathan knows she is up to something, he just can't put his finger on it. Or belt. 

Monica finishes up her art project with Darren and Kevin when things take a turn for the worse, and throw Jonathan right back in her lap, leaving her fighting her inner self for control over the situation. But this time, Jonathan isn't willing to just play a game and bed her, he wants her for Keeps, and is prepared to wait for her to come back to him, willingly and without it being about sex.
"What do you want Monica?"

"I want you."

"You want me, what?"

"To take me to bed."



"I'm not a toy." He said it while kissing my ear and touching my throat, his erection firm on my belly. He used his most tender voice. "You can't throw me away, then reel me back whenever you feel like fucking."
The sex, or should I say the sexual tension during this book is incredible, there were so many time i screamed at my kindle "Just f*** her already!" I must have seemed like a crazy woman to some of my family and friends ;)
Jonathan has even more lovable then ever, if you can believe that. His self control and restraint is flawless, flawlessly frustrating. But the wait ..... so worth it. The soft and gentle Dominant with the wild begging Goddess. The new addition to their little sex list, ::fans face:: H.O.T, and that's not from the steam in the bathroom.

Just when you think things are finally looking up, the sky is beautiful, Monica is in Jonathan's arms, and he has just let out some earth shattering news, and BAM! CD rips the rug out from underneath us and leaves us with the mother of all cliff hanger endings, having me yet again yelling at my poor kindle. 
I just KNOW Jessica is behind this, all of this!!! 

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Control, Songs of Submission # 4, CD Reiss

Book 4, Control. 158pg ebook

“I’m yours. My pleasure is yours. My wet pussy is yours. You own me, Jonathan. You are the master of my fuck.” 

CD, I love you woman, but I don't really like you at the moment ::insert sad face::

At the end of book 3, I questioned if CD could hold the control. In short, The woman has me like putty in the palm of her hand. 
Its been a few hours since I finished the book, I was hoping a little time between would help me get my bearings back. I was wrong.

I was a little nervous about starting this one when I realized that it skips from Monica's POV to Jonathan's every other chapter. I have seen other's attempt this, and also witnessed the disastrous end result.  Thankfully, CD is a kickass author who not only pulled this off, but did it PERFECTLY. Getting more of a glimps into Jonathan's head and finding out exactly whats going on in there, gives this series a whole new dimension. Because lets face it, who doesn't want to be all up in Jonathan's head? 

So, this picks up where Submit finished, with the budding, kinky romance between the King, Jonathan and his little goddess, Monica.
Jonathan is doing things he hasn't done since his ex-wife, he is opening up a little, letting parts of himself show to Monica, even takes her on their first real date. And what a date that one is.
"I wanted to be under his control, under his dominance, under him. I wanted to forget myself in him, and to forget the shame of wanting it so bad."
As they fall deeper into their roles of Dominant and submissive, Monica starts to accept who she truly is, and gives in to her own desires. And her heart. While Jonathan is letting go a little, he is still keeping a bit of distance. Or so he tells himself.

The word,  DAYUM!! When Jonathan slips into his Dominant persona, things heat up fast. Alternative restraints, whipped cream (and not used in the typical sexual way) and spankings to make it hard to sit, This book has it all as they move into more of a SM sexual relationship. These two also have their loving moments, but neither one can deny their true selves.  No matter how much sex these two have, it never gets old or boring, like in a lot of other books. 
"Mine" he said, pressing my hand to where we coupled, his sliding shaft against my wet flash. "This is us together. I own it. This body is my plaything. Your ache is mine. Your orgasm is mine. Your hunger is mine. Your dirty thoughts are mine."
Finally some light from Jonathan. His history is coming to the surface, bit by bit, he is sharing with Monica. But he still keeps his bigger secrets to himself, especially the one about Kevin. After buying Kevin's art piece, "Faulkner Coal Mine", he gains the rights to everything, and finds some dark and disturbing truths about Kevin. Ones that leave him to worry about Monica's safety.
Speaking of her safety, someone is keeping a close eye on Monica, monitoring her home and her every move, creepy stalker alert!! 

Monica's career is looking promising, a big shot wants to hear her sing, something original, not a problem, or so she thought. That was until Jonathan's sister and ex-wife walk in, and she realized that Jessica will Know its about her and Jonathan's personal life. Topped off with the fact that she still hasn't shared this with Jonathan, this could be a disaster. 
"We wove words under Popsicle trees,The ceiling open to the sky, and you want to own me with you fatal grace and charmed words. All I own is a handful of stars, tethered to a bag of marbles that turns. Will you call me whore? Destroy me, make me lick the floor, twist me in knots, turn me into an animal? Will I be a vessel for you? Slice open your lying box, through a low doorway for our shoulds and oughts. Choose the things I don't need, no careless moments, no mystery. And you need nothing. My backward bend doesn't feed. I will own you, Tie you, I will collar you, Hurt you, Hold you, and take you. You will be a vessel for me."
As normal, CD leaves you hanging with teary eyes and dying to know what happens next. 
Between his bitch ex-wife Jessica, her crazy ex Kevin, the song and the creepy stalking, can these two make it last? Well its off to read Burn

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Jessica and Sharon, Songs of Submission # 3.5, CD Reiss

Book 3.5, Jessica & Sharon. 23pg ebook
“There were too many fires to put out. Too many pieces to move across the chessboard.” 

I love these two small stories, or chapters as I've looked at them, are from Jonathan's point of view which is something that I feel we needed.
You find out in book 3 that Jonathan is no longer in love with his bitch of an ex wife. Now this chapter shows that unfolding, him dropping Monica off and getting a call from Jessica. Witnessing Jonathan's realization that the woman he though was his world, was nothing more then a wrong choice was touching. With his new found freeness, and his openness of the way he feels for Monica, he heads to San Francisco to tend to business, and to Sharon.
The submissive in San Francisco that is at Jonathan's beck and call every time he blows in and out of town once or twice a month, is waiting, in position for him when he arrives. Their relationship isn't anything serious, they both are a helper of sorts to the other. He has helped her stay away from abusing asses and she has fulfilled his dark desires as a Dominant. Jonathan is quick at setting her straight, that things are to be over and why, remaining as an honest friend to her. It is here that Jonathan learns from Debbie that Jessica has spoken with Monica at the club and told her something upsetting, he starts to panic, not knowing what secrets she could have shared, he try's to arrange the people in his life like pawns on a chest board in his mind, fearful that Monica won't accept all of him.
My only complaint is that this is too short, but I'm just being a greedy and wanting to be in Jonathan's head more

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Submit, Songs of Submission # 3, CD Reiss

Book 3, Submit. 175pg ebook
“I want to be your last. I want to ruin you for other men"

Woah! Emotional roller coaster is an understatement.  This book has it all, from heartbreaking lowest of lows and earth-moving highs. 
Firstly, the rating WAS a 5 Kinky Heels, but there is some books that deserve more, this is one of them, Hence the new rating. 

This kicks off right where Tease left off, with Monica hurt and miserable (and quiet sexually frustrated) over the bitch, Jessica, insinuating Jonathan got all hot and rough with her only hours after promising to be exclusive with her. 
With Jonathan away on business, its easier for her to ignore him, leaving her confused and angry, but certainly still devoted to him.
She heads over to him, armed with her determination on finding out the truth and bringing Jonathan's guard down at all and any cost, and she succeeds, until a certain conversation about her being a "Natural born submissive" that sets her mind into a frenzy. 

"My name is Monica, and I am not submissive. I stand six feet tall in heels. I am descended from one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. I can sing like an angel, and growl like a lion. I am not owned. I am music."

Speaking of music, things are looking great for Monica, WDE is interested in signing her, but isn't too interested in her best friend, Gabby, and they come as a team. After the company pulls a fast one and switches the venue for the recording, but only telling Monica, things turn quiet ugly, and heartbreaking. Through it all, Jonathan stays beside her, making it clear he has no intention of walking away.

Between dealing with the choices she had made as well as losing her voice, Monica struggles with her feelings with Jonathan, and being called a "Natural submissive." In her mind, that is a term that isn't what she wants to be, yet the desires she feels for him and the need to please and obey says a different story.
"What if he collars me? Slaps me? Spanks me? Bites me? Fucks me in the ass? Whips me? Hurts me? Displays me? Gags me? Blindfolds me? Shares me? Humiliates me? Ties me down? Makes me bleed? Fucks me up? Chocks my mouth open. Pulls my hair. Fucks my face. Calls me whore. Tells me to lick the floor. Destroys me. Makes me hate myself. Turns me into an animal." 
Kevin is back, and holds a bigger part in this book then I would care for him to have, trying to reel Monica in to help him with his next art project.
Darren? well lets just say he has jumped the fence and leave it at that ;) 

The sex? Come on people, its CD REISS,  you know the sex is damn pantie melting. And to think, this one gets a little rougher and kinkier.

The ending as always leaves you craving to know what happens next, and to find out what the sneaky little cow, Jessica is up to.

"He rubbed his palms along the tops of my thighs and up around my waist. He laid his head on my lap and said nothing as i stroked his hair and hummed a melody that reminded me of the cadences of his voice.We sat like that, me  on the couch, humming, and him on his knees before me, long after my tea became cold and the morning birds silenced themselves for the day." 
Just when I think CD Reiss cant shock me anymore, she goes and pulls "Submit" on my ass, leaving me with tears from laughing and tears from heartache. Its not easy to get me that emotionally invested in a book that I cry for any reason, but CD has managed to do that.
(The three other kick-ass woman in case you're wondering who these brilliant authors are, check out Roni LorenTiffany Reisz and Jodi Ellen Malpas)
She's had me Begging, while she Teased, making me Submit to her, can she keep the Control
lets find out :)

(completely forgot, up next is, Jessica and Sharon's story, *Sharon is the submissive that you hear about in book 3* told from Jonathan's eyes, a very short story, 23 pages)

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