Friday, February 28, 2014

One Wild Ride, Riding Desire Box Set, Lauren Hawkeye

One Wild Ride. 30pg ebook

30 pages?!?! ARGHH!! Such a tease! 

A few firsts for me with this story.
I haven't read anything from Lauren Hawkeye before today, and I feel totally ripped off!  
And, I have not had a story where the bad ass bossy biker has been the one who wants the pain, talk about pantie-dropping HOT!!! 

At the end of the story, she asks if we want more of the guys from Three Little Words, that she would love to know, well Levi is from Three Little Words so ..... 

Lauren, I want more of Levi please!! 

Mercedes is at a biker rally, with her "sort of" boyfriend Trey, her last bid to freedom and wildness before going back to her life and settling down. 
When Trey ditches her in the middle of everything, she decides to just let go, be free and dance along to the band that is tearing up the stage.

That's when she notices she has caught someones eye, the sexy dark haired drummer. 

Levi is in quiet a sour mood, after watching his band mate happy in his poly relationship, being who he truly is, really gets under Levi's skin. 
He has his own desires, fetishes, ones he is sure he will never have.
Until he spots her, the stunning blonde dancing in the crowd. 
Dancing just for him, or so he thought, until she was gone.

Mercedes stalks off in an effort to find her boyfriend and clear her head after her seductive ways with the drummer, something that was a first for her, she doesn't expect what she finds.

Levi can't let it go, he searches for the golden beauty, finding her a pent up rage, and decides he must have her, and lays his needs out there.
"I like being hurt during sex."
 Mercedes throws caution to the wind in an effort to get her one hot, wild and kinky night, but will she really be able to walk away in the morning? 
Will Levi be able to let the one woman who truly accepts all of him, just leave? 

Get the Riding Desire box set to find out! 

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