Friday, April 4, 2014

Hot Ride, Riding Desire Box Set, Opal Carew

Hot Ride. 65pg ebook

Hayley, the quiet accountant is back in her home town for a wedding.
Heading to the bar with her best friend Tina, and a few others to catch up, she is greeted by a perfect sight, The bad boy biker.
Her friends tease that she would never have the courage to walk up and speak with him, let alone have a wild one night. But when fate helps Hayley along and knocks her right into his path, she finds the courage she needs to throw caution to the wind.  

Rip, aka bad ass biker, drawn to Hayley, he notices her out of everyone in the bar, but plays it cool, not wanting to be the "nameless bad-boy biker trophy" yet again, he looks everywhere but at her, until she lands almost right at his feet. After a hot moment in an ally way, Rip proves to be a gentleman to the drunk Hayley, taking her home and walking away, not wanting to be her regret in the morning. 

The following day, they both attend the same wedding, where Rip point blankly avoids her, until she seeks him out only to be hurt when his dancing date arrives.  Rip want her, and after hearing some harsh words from Hayley's friend to her, he takes charge. Leading the "boring accountant" on the hottest ride of her life. 

If you are after a quick and extremely hot read, this is perfect for you!
I feel a little bad giving it only 3.5 heels, because seriously, Opal can do some incredible sex scenes and a hell of a little orgy get together and lets not forget knee weakening initiation, but for me, there needs to be something more than just great sex, I need a story line, the story needs somewhere to go. 
If this story is the start of something, I will be on the look out, because it has the real makings to be a Great book. 

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