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Jaden Wilkes Interview and Giveaway!

I am extremely  pleased to welcome Jaden Wilkes to SROKK.
Jaden has shaken things up with her previous novel, The Beast and looks to be doing the same with Therapist.

About Jaden Wilkes;

Jaden is the pen name of a girl living on the prettiest farm in BC. She shares her space with her husband, her children, and an Irish Wolfhound named Tiberius. 
She can now be found lurking in the dark corners of the internet looking for artful porn gifs, dirty poems and places to promo her work. 

Welcome Jaden, thank you for stopping by and speaking with us.

 It's lovely to be here. :D

For those who haven't had the pleasure of reading your books, can you share with them a little about your style?

Kind of like a walk down a garden path on a beautiful sunny day when all of a sudden you get an army boot to the face, held down and robbed by an all girl gang in full Harajuku gear.

When did you realize you wanted to be a author?

I've been a writer for a very long time, but mostly research articles and poetry. I decided last year that I wanted to publish my first novel, and here I am...still hanging in there. I didn't intend for it to be a full time gig, but I'm currently looking for people to take over other aspects of my life so I can devote more time to writing. So if you know of a cleaning lady in central BC who doesn't mind being paid in smutty novels and performance art, let me know.

Who are your three favorite authors? 

Chuck Palahniuk, Julian May, and Shane Koyczan even though he's technically a poet.

Are there any physical places that have inspired your writing?

I have traveled a lot and tend to draw on many of the places to add to my work. So far though, most everything has taken place in Vancouver, BC. I was born there, and even though I no longer live there, it always has my heart.

Do you share personality traits
 with any of your characters?

Humour, wit, intelligence, good looks, a nine inch...wait a minute. :D I do of course, but I refuse to admit to any of the dark aspects. In reality I'm a fairly good natured person with a cherubic face and a mean streak that I hide rather well. So, I guess like all my characters. 

The Therapist is quiet a twisted read. Was it hard to write something so dark?

It was very difficult at first because he repulsed me. I had a hard time staying inside his head because so many of his thoughts and ways of thinking are oppositional to my own. Eventually I learned to let go and let him come through.

Will there be a follow up to The Therapist?

I hope not. He really was such an uncomfortable character to write. I know people have already been asking as the end is fairly open...and we all would like for him to be fully redeemed and have some sort of vindication. So I won't say no, but I won't say yes either.

Who would you cast as Dr Dane in a film adaptation of The Therapist?  

Somebody hot and dark and complex...say, Adrian Turner? I'm sure there are a hundred better choices, but I feel old and pervy picking anyone under the age of 25.

Do you have any hidden talents you'd like to share?

I'm an excellent singer. 

Lastly, Pepsi or Coke? Some people just have to know this. ;)

Coke all the way!

Once again, Thank you for stopping by SROKK. 
We have loved having you pop our authors interview cherry ;) 

Thank you for having me! And I hope I was gentle. 

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