Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Yours Truly, Taddy by Avery Aster

Welcome to Eden!

Taddy has just learnt that after emancipating herself from her parents, they drained her trust, leaving her completely broke with no way of paying for her college tuition. 
Thankfully, Taddy has the love and support of her BFF's mother, Birdie who lands her a modelling gig where the four-some board a plane with three of Europes hottest men, destination, Martinique.

The four-some haven't had much luck, and that doesn't change here when their plan crashes, flinging Taddy into the ocean without her friends. But she wasn't alone. 
Leon, one of the hunky men from the flight sat with her on a piece of the plane. 
Nothing could have prepared Taddy for the events that come after this. 
Fearing she'd never make it out of the ocean alive, Taddy throws her trust, hope , and the "Lady V"  to Leon, in hopes they will reach Eden and their friends again.

As always, Avery steams up the pages with her hot sex scenes, fresh in your face characters and endless snort-inducing giggles.

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