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★☆ COVER REVEAL ☆★ Little Dove, Beast #3 by Jaden Wilkes

Little Dove, Beast #3  

Release Date
September 26th. 2014

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 How can you ever hope to find normal when your life is anything but?

Determined to make amends for his past, and show Columbia he truly is a changed man, Dimitri sets out to right wrongs and decimate those who bring nothing but sorrow to the world.

Something goes wrong and Columbia is taken, spirited away into the underground world of sex trafficking and international crime syndicates.

Dimitri must fight his way across the Europe to find her and bring her home. He would rather see the world burn than live without her in it.

He will tear the world apart looking for his little dove.

This is a tragic story exploring the consequences of daring to love in the midst of chaos and terror.

****As with The Beast, this book contains graphic depictions of physical abuse, rough sex and dubious consent. It may contain triggers for several different reasons, so please read with caution. That being said, it is also a book filled with hope, love and light in the dark


Nico whistled, a sharp warning in the silence of the alleyway.
“We have to go,” he told her and pulled her up. He helped her slide the gloves over her bloodied hands and said, “We can discuss the philosophy of murder on the plane, but for now we have to make sure we get out of here.”
She reached for him, pulled his head down for a savage kiss. She surprisedhim with the strength she had at the moment, clinging to him and inserting herself into his mouth, trying to take claim of it.
He resisted, pulled her arms down and pinned them behind her back in a grim similarity to how he’d bound the dead man. He twisted them until she whimpered and gave in, allowing him to control the kiss, and her body.
“I want to fuck you,” he said against her lips, “I want to plunge into you and drive my cock so far in your cunt you can’t remember your own name.”
She moaned and started to pant, her breath coming in short, shallow gasps. She tiled herself against him, letting him know she was ready to fuck, she wanted it.
Logic took over and he said, “I want to, but we can’t. We have to go.”
He pushed her away and released her hands, turned and walked away. He heard her scramble to follow him and smiled to himself. He couldn’t wait to get her on the plane and fuck her after everything they’d done tonight.
And he couldn’t wait to feel her struggle against him after leaving her like that. She was a wildcat, and just crazy enough to be the best he’d ever had.
He wouldn’t change a thing in the world, and once again thanked fate or the gods that had brought them together.

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About Jaden Wilkes;

Jaden is the pen name of a girl living on the prettiest farm in BC. She shares her space with her husband, her children, and an Irish Wolfhound named Tiberius. 

She can now be found lurking in the dark corners of the internet looking for artful porn gifs, dirty poems and places to promo her work. 

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And for an extra kinky place to stalk Jaden, head to her Tumblr (18+ Only)

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