Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Status, Social Media #4 by JA Huss

I have no idea how to start this review, like seriously, I have been trying to come up with a way to explain this without spoiling it for everyone and I'm coming up blank.
There's not too many authors that can leave me completely speechless and on yet another book hangover, but Julie has. This woman is fucking incredible!
I F'love you hardcore!
Let's try getting something about the book out there ....
Status focuses a little more on Graces background, about her family and what really happened all those years ago to her family, and to her.
"Daisy is a victim. Daisy is weak, and sick, and pathetic. Grace is graceful. Grace is strong, and determined, and brave. I've tried so hard to put my past away. Just lock it up and forget about it. Be the new girl. Be Grace."
Vaughn is desperate and is willing to do anything to find Grace after she took off from the hotel with Kristi. Even more so when Tray, gives Vaughn a little message regarding Grace ..... Oh almost said too much.
Her eyes are wide with fear and her nightgown is tattered and dirty, she squirms as the camera approaches her —
Vaughn knows next to nothing of what has happened to Grace, and doesn't care. All he wants is to keep her safe. Keep her with him. Something Grace is beginning to see she also wants.
The depth,vulnerability and strength that Grace shows is beyond words. She has recreated her life and built everything she has wanted, and now has the Prince that's she has fantasised over for years. And she's not going to waste any of it from now on.
"Grace," he says as he leans down to kiss my neck. "I want you right now. No one can see us though the thick foliage, but if you'd prefer, we can go inside. Go up to bed."
"Are you kidding me? And miss out on fucking you on the Vaughn Asher River?"
When reality slaps Grace in the face (and seriously, someone needs to lol) she once again pulls away. I mean come on woman! You have Vaughn "My sexy hubby" Asher laying out his feelings, and you pull away, again? Crazy bitch!
"Meet me on the roof."
"Are you coming?"

Will she go? Will he be waiting for her?
Your going to have to get STATUS!
Sex, drama, suspense, love and twists so twisted you won't know if you are coming or going.
This book, by far is my favorite of the series. Well, to date anyway.
Oh, and if you have huge hang ups about major cliffhangers ..... Perhaps you should wait until Profile is out.

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