Wednesday, January 28, 2015

★☆ REVIEW ☆★ Round One: Broken by Skyla Madi

I don't normally do fighting stories, not because they don't appeal to me, just that I have found that 9 times out of 10 I ditch the story before the end.

People tend to add far too much gore, unrealistic scenes and just downright dribble where I am left with motion-sickness from shaking my head.

So you're probably wondering why on earth I accepted an ARC of Broken.

I have a bit of soft spot for the Aussie authors with being an Aussie myself, so when I happened to stumble upon Skyla through another Author (who is the totally amazeballs River Savage) I had to check out her book.

Right from the blurb, I was intrigued, but didn't hold out much hope with the amount of let downs in the same genre.

This was my first Skyla Madi experience, and let me tell you, that woman took me for a ride that left my heart racing, eyes sore and panties missing ;) Oh the cliffy. Yes, be warned, that cliffy is a pretty big one. It left me calling out,


It all starts here, this is where my love for this author starts. Not to mention my almost instant love affair with Jai.

Jai = Jye
It rhymes with pie.
Mmm, pie.

Student - nurse Emily is struggling to make ends meet and when Jai comes along and literally crashes into her, knocking her tablet to the ground this is the last straw.

She follows him into the night in a shady area, trying to get his attention, to demand he repair what he broke.

Jai is trying to keep his head down and stay unnoticed. He has a job to do, and doesn't need any distractions.

Then she happens.

Emily puts herself in a situation that is life changing.

"I hold my breath while he turns, confused. Then, he spots me and he pulls his brows together, making shadows pool in the hollows of his face.
He’s dangerous."

In order to save her life, Jai must drag her underground, to a very secret, organized illegal fight club, one she might not get out alive.

Jai doesn't want to get involved. He wants to regain the money he lost to save her life and then to get her out. Preferably Alive.

Emily wants nothing then to get out and forget all about this.

But that soon changes.

Parts of their pasts are reviled, and it turns out, neither is what they seems. Emily may be a little innocent and naïve, but she has a darkness to her, an edge that he can see. She likes the thrill of the unknown, the dirtiness and the danger.And the brooding alpha Jai, ticks all those boxes.

"I own you," he says, his voice stoking the fire in my blood. "I owned you the second I had you pinned against the warehouse."

The chemistry with these two are insane.

And it isn't long before the inevitable happens, and Damn does it heat up fast!

"Jai’s body covers mine, pushing me harder against the dirty tunnel wall, his hard cock pressing fiercely into my ass cheek. I don’t know what happened between our conversation in the bar and our tiny nook, but somewhere between there and here, we decided we were going to fuck.

Things spiral fast.

With the heat being turn up between them, the threat of Skull, the leader of the organization, finding out she's an imposter, and the impending fight that could end either of them approaching, the adrenalin is off the charts.

Emily knows she needs Jai to survive the underground.

She must survive the fight to move on. To pay Jai back and to live long enough to get free.

Until Skull steps in with his own agenda ....

Will it all be too much for Emily?

Can Jai really keep her safe from the seedy underground and himself?

You will just have to grab a copy and find out ;)



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Keep an eye out for Round Two: TWISTED

Release Date: TBA (Late Feb/ Early March)

Get to know the Author

Skyla Madi

...and my teachers said daydreaming wouldn't get me through life.

I've been writing since 17 and at 21 I'm a professional daydreamer and giver of both real and fictional life.

Aquarian, lover of the written word and author of the #1 BESTSELLING sports fiction novels Consumed and Too Consumed.

I write like I live my life -- fast and carefree -- and I have no specific genre. I hop from YA to NA to Erotica to Contemporary romance almost as often as I change shoes.

I have written 6 novels with 26 novels still planned out, they're just waiting for me to pick up my pen and write their story.

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