Sunday, February 8, 2015

★☆ Special Valentines Story ☆★ Rachel & Joe Do Valentine's by Jessie Courts

©Jessie Courts

Rachel was standing in her kitchen with one hip leaning against the counter top. In one hand wasa hot and much craved cup of strong black coffee and in the other hand her telephone which she held toher ear listening intently to her friend Karen’s plans for Valentine’s Day the following week.
"I’ve booked a hotel in town with an in-room couples massage package." Karen sounded excitedand it made Rachel smile. She loved to think of her friends Karen and Rory still so happy after so manyyears of marriage. "Oh my god, Rach – I went to this on-line store and ordered a whole load of new toysto take with. You should see this..."
"Hold up Karen!" Rachel shouted in to the hand set. "I really don’t need to know what you’ll besubjecting your poor husband to and vice versa – the visuals are already disturbing." Karen shrieked inresponse and immediately began to assault Rachel’s ears with wildly descriptive scenarios she hadplanned. Karen was extremely bold sexually and not shy about sharing. "Putting the phone you....bye..." Rachel laughed as she heard Karen utter an entirely inappropriate response andthen the click that signalled the call was ended which made her sigh in relief. Since Joe Mason had beenin her life, Rachel was hardly in a position to be jealous of her best friend; the man was insatiable as wellas being impressively creative and their sex life was off the charts hot. Now that he’d moved himself into her house, Rachel never knew when or where he’d make a move and she had learnt to be prepared atall times. They’d done it in every room in the house like Joe had to mark his territory and the memory ofwhat went he’d done to her in Luc’s old room never failed to stir her even now. She blushed at thethought. Dirty Joe.
Rachel topped up her coffee and went to sit at the kitchen table. Every now and again she hadflashbacks to her affair with Luc Vincent that made her tummy flip and her senses reel. It also left herfeeling guilty even though that was all finished with long before Joe came along – well not that long, butlong enough. Well, not really long enough if you asked Joe but anyway, Rachel was getting off track withher thoughts and cast all visions of the boymangod to the back of her mind and replaced it with a mentalimage of a brooding hulk of a man that was currently occupying every facet of her life. Happily so for theboth of them. But Valentine’s Day loomed and it was their first one as a couple and Rachel knew it was just a silly day but she wanted it to be so special. She chewed on her bottom lip as an idea began to takeshape, but she’d need some help. Picking up the phone once more she dialled a number.
"Angela? It’s Rachel – I need your help."
"Let me guess." The velvet rich voice of her husband’s PA teased. "Someone just realised it wasValentine’s Day next week."
"Oh my god – how do you do that? It’s like you read my mind!"
Angela chuckled. "Because, Rachel darling, you only ever request my assistance when it hassomething to do with my one and only master; your boss and current fuckbuddy."
"Well thank you for pointing that out so eloquently, but it happens you’re right. I have to makethis year’s Valentine’s Day the best one Joe ever had."
Angela snorted. "Well that won’t be difficult he told me he never celebrated it before."
"Whaaaat?" Rachel gasped into the handset.
"Yup – thinks it’s a load of rubbish promoted by the retail and hospitality industries just to getpeople to spend their money." Angela sighed.
"Oh that’s bloody typical. What an arse."
"Oh yeah – and it’s a mighty fine one if you don’t mind me saying. My favourite part of the day iswhen Joe takes his jacket off."
Rachel giggled. "Oh my god don’t you just love the way his suit trousers pull tight over hisbackside. Makes my mouth water."
A deep and loud clearing of a throat interrupted Rachel and she nearly dropped the phone withshock. Leaning against the architrave at the entrance to her kitchen was the man himself. Clad only in apair of loose fitting lounge pants with his thick arms crossed over his massive bare chest, Joe narrowedhis eyes at his girlfriend.
"Care to share?"
Rachel shook her head chewing on her bottom lip furiously. Then she remembered Angela whowas crying with laughter on the other end of the phone. "Umm need to call you back." She whisperedand quickly cut the connection.
"Talking ‘bout me Rachel?" Joe cocked his head at her.
"No." She blushed and mentally cursed her traitorous body. One thick, black eyebrow raised itselfat her and Rachel crumbled under her boss’ intense scrutiny. No wonder he was so bloody successful incourt. Joe took a step towards her and placed his palms flat on the wooden table.
"Hmm. I suspect you were Mrs Renton. Did I hear the word ass?"
"Ass; arse – whatever." Joe rolled his eyes. He was still getting used to Rachel correcting hisAmerican English.
"Oh don’t get your knickers in a twist Bossman. I was having a private conversation with a friend– don’t be so nosey." Rachel took a big gulp of coffee and used the time to gather her wits. She wasdetermined to change Joe’s mind about Valentine’s and Angela was going to help her to make it a greatsurprise. Joe scowled then grabbed her mug finishing her coffee. "Hey get your own you coffee thief!"
Joe grunted. "Yours always tastes better. Any chance of breakfast?" He plonked his big frame intothe bench along the back of the kitchen table and picked up the Times, immediately turning to thebusiness pages.
"What did your last slave die of?"
Joe didn’t even bother looking up from the paper. "Neglect." The smirk on his face was the laststraw and Rachel threw a magazine at him hitting him squarely on the forehead."
"Fuck! What did you do that for?" Joe rubbed his head and picked the magazine up off the floor.
"Because you are an arrogant chauvinistic pig." Rachel spat the words out and proceeded tostorm off in a huff which was slightly foiled by a pair of ridiculously strong arms that caught her aroundthe waist and hoisted her on to a more than accommodating lap. It didn’t escape her notice that therewould have been more room if it weren’t for Joe’s obvious arousal getting in the way. "Jesus fuck, Joe –seriously?" Rachel huffed with frustration. The man made her so mad and turned her on all at the sametime – she didn’t know if she was literally coming or going. The bounce of his shoulders and the rumblein his chest preceded a loud roar of laughter that set her teeth on edge. "Bastard." Rachel tugged hardon Joe’s beard then kissed him full on the lips. Breaking away before he had the chance to deepen thekiss, she leaned her forehead against his. "Why do you have to wind me up so much?"
"Because I can.""Nice."
"Because you look so sexy all riled up and feisty." Joe licked Rachel’s nose. "Because it turns meon." Joe bucked his hips for emphasis and his fat cock bumped against her. "Because it turns you on." Hebrushed the back of his hand across Rachel’s left nipple then her right and both hardened in response.Joe stood them up and Rachel slid her arms around her lover’s neck and wrapped her legs around hiswaist. His big hands cupped her bum supporting her nicely and then he took them back to bed because itwas Saturday and he could. Rachel grinned as they snuggled together. There really wasn’t anythingbetter than a weekend in bed with Horny Joe.
On Monday, Joe had a case he had to go to court for which meant he was out of the office for agood few hours, leaving Rachel and Angela with plenty of time to plot. Rachel sat at her desk in Nate’sbig old leather chair with her legs tucked under her. Her shoes were lying on the floor under her deskand she was trying to remember some of the things her husband had done in past years to make theirValentine’s Day special. Rachel indulged in some fond memories of Nate and sighed – she still missedhim so much even though she was totally head over heels for Joe, and didn’t really think she’d ever getover his death completely.
Angela entered Rachel’s office in a cloud of perfume and personality and clicked the door shutbehind her. She handed Rachel a bag from Starbucks with her favourite coffee and skinny muffin. "Thankyou my love. Sit down won’t you?" Rachel gestured to her couch and Angela lowered her elegant selfinto it.
"God I love this couch." She kicked off her shoes and twisted her body around so she was lyingacross it sideways. "Have you and Joe ever?" She waved a finger over the cushions.
"As if I’d ever tell you."
"Oh my god that means yes!"
"It means I’ll never tell. Angela, honestly the things you ask, you’re as bad as Karen!" Rachel tooka bite of her muffin and crumbs went everywhere. Brushing them up she chuckled at Angela’sexpression. "You need to find your own man and stop living your life vicariously through me!"
"Who says I haven’t got my own man?" Angela winked. "I like to hold my options open is all."
"I dread to think... anyway – please, please help me plan something so spectacular that Joe willchange his mind about Valentine’s Day. I know it’s kitsch but I love it and now I’m with Joe I want him toenjoy it. So what shall I do?" The ladies chatted over a few options but none of them really grabbedRachel as something that would appeal to her cynical boyfriend. It took a hell of a lot to change Joe’sopinion on anything let alone something as superficial as this. Unless there was sex involved she verymuch doubted he’d even pay attention! "Sex. It has to involve sex."
Angela snorted. "Well being the day for lovers I would hope so Rach. Else what’s the pointdarling?"
"No – the theme not just the act!"
"Don’t suppose you can pole dance?"
"Oh my god there’s no way I’d ever be fit enough. But wait! I can lap dance!" Rachel jumped upfrom her desk. "I bet there’s something on YouTube I can copy." Rachel started hammering at herkeyboard when an elegant black hand laid firmly on top of hers bringing a swift halt to her frenetictyping.
"Stop right there Mrs Renton. If you try and get on a site showing lap dancers the IT police will beup here like a shot! And anyway – the internet is too seedy. You need something classy and sensual nottacky and slutty. Just so happens my cousin has a club in Soho. It’s very exclusive; members only - andthe girls there are the most beautiful and talented dancers around. I could take you there if you’re set ondoing this." Rachel started to laugh but stopped short when she saw the deadly serious look on Angela’sface. "These girls are professionals Rach; not whores, so don’t get the wrong idea. My cousin runs a topnotch club not a brothel." Angela stood up and straightened out the non-existent creases in her tightwhite skirt. Buttoning her navy jacket she stood tall and waited for her friend to respond.
"I wasn’t implying anything of the sort and it sounds like just the sort of place I’m looking for.Take me there?"
"Sure – while Joe’s away the cats can play?" Rachel grinned at Angela; slipped her feet into herheels and her linked arms with her elegant friend.
"Meoww baby."

"Ry did I wake you?"
"Nah Joe I’m always up at the ass crack of dawn waiting for your call man." Ryan Marshallrubbed his eyes and groaned at the clock. Joe was in London which was five long hours ahead of NewYork and he guessed Joe would be having lunch soon when Ryan hadn’t even got as far as breakfast."What’s up big man?"
Joe sighed. Ryan was his best friend and the only person he ever really trusted for an opinion. Hemissed him like crazy and wished things could have been different so they didn’t have to live so farapart. "It’s Valentine’s Day in a couple of weeks."
"It certainly is. And this concerns you why?" Ryan couldn’t recall Joe ever having shown an iota ofinterest in the day. "Shit this about your new chick isn’t it? Rachel?"
"Chick? What are we eighteen? Fuck off." Joe didn’t appreciate Ryan referring to Rachel like that,Not at all.
"Whoa – sorry Joe. My bad....anyway I’m guessing you finally want to join the rest of the humanrace and get in the spirit of the day. " Ryan was shocked to the core at this turnabout in his friend but hewas also incredibly happy that Joe had finally found someone worth doing it for, if not a little envious.
"I couldn’t think of anything worse but I happen to know this is your most favourite holiday. Youpractically piss red hearts at this time of year, so tell me what you’re doing." Joe thought it might inspirehis mood.
"Clubbing of course. There’s a party at my favourite place called ‘Cupid’s Big Balls’ and everyonehas to go dressed up. It’s the height of tackiness sweetie and so not for your refined ass." Joe gruntedand Ryan laughed again. "But hey – why not stick with the classic fail safe: champagne, fine dining,diamonds and sex? Just find somewhere classy to do it in."
"And this is why I don’t do this Valentine shit. It’s too cliché and crass for me. As much as I loveRachel, she’s gonna have a hard job convincing me it’s any more special than any other day."
Ryan sighed. "You, Joe Mason, are a moron."
Rachel and Joe were getting ready to go out. It was the night before Valentine’s Day and Joewasn’t really in the mood but Rachel insisted. They were going to a party at a private members club inSoho; something to do with one of Angela’s cousins and Rachel had promised to drag Joe along in thehopes his presence would give the club’s profile a boost with the rich and infamous. It was in its fledglingstages, Rachel explained to him on the way and as a favour to Angela it was the least he could do. Joewasn’t really listening to her properly as he navigated his Veyron through the streets of Londondistracted as he was by the excess of flesh on display and the incredible way she smelled. Rachel haddressed up for the occasion and for a dress that had obviously cost her a fortune there wasn’t very muchof it. It was red naturally, as the theme of the evening was Valentine’s, and silky and the delicate fabricdraped over her spectacular tits in the most appealing manner revealing a cleavage just this side ofdecent. The hem fell mid-thigh and her legs went on forever and of course her feet were tucked neatlyinto a pair of sky high black heels. Joe shifted in his seat willing his cock to soften. Driving the sleeksports car was challenging enough considering the span of his shoulders and his height but trying toaccommodate a raging hard on in the confined space was proving difficult.
"You ok Joe?" Rachel had noticed his squirming.
"Not really Rachel."
"What’s the matter baby?" Rachel sounded concerned and Joe snickered.

"Got a bit of an ache that’s all. Nothing that can’t be dealt with easily." Rachel dropped her eyesto his crotch already knowing him well enough to recognise the throaty catch in his voice that meant hewas horny. Sure enough the tell tale bulge was more than apparent in his black dress pants. She laughedand patted his thigh and Joe knew his chances of a quick hand job in the car were zero. Disappointingbut to be expected he supposed. "Oh look here we are. I hope to fuck they have valet parking." Joe washoping there wouldn’t be anywhere to leave his car and thus he could declare the evening defunct.
"Yes – look there’s the guy."
"Where?" Joe feigned stupidity. He couldn’t carry it off effectively and Rachel rolled her eyes.
"There Joe by the sign that says ‘valet parking’." Joe exhaled loudly and Rachel giggled as hehanded over the keys to his precious car. She slid her arm into the crook of his and smiled for the paps asthey entered the club.
"Wow!" Rachel gasped at the opulent interior which was mostly red and gold and cream andblack. It was plush to the extreme but not tacky at all – just very eclectic and sensual. The lighting was dim and the music soft enough to talk over. There was a small stage behind heavy velvet drapes andtables and booths surrounding the dance floor. It was a smallish and intimate space and Joe was actuallyreally impressed with the atmosphere that had been created. A handsome black man greeted them andintroduced himself as Paul, Angela’s cousin.
"Welcome to my club Mr and Mrs Mason." he bowed at the waist.
"Oh no – we’re not married." Rachel corrected Paul, a little surprised that Joe hadn’t uttered asound at the error.
"Well none of that matters here; excuse my mistake. Please can I offer you a drink?" Paul ledthem to the bar where they ordered drinks and perched on the bar stools. It seemed they were the firstto arrive and they made polite conversation with him.
"What time do you expect the other guests to arrive?" Joe asked politely feeling a little bad forthe guy that no one had made it to the party yet. It must be so disappointing. He decided there and thento recommend the place as much as possible and get the poor man some badly needed publicity.
"Soon I hope. Would you excuse me?" Paul slipped away and Rachel and Joe sipped on theirdrinks enjoying the intimacy.
"Oh that’s gone right through me. Excuse me while I pop to the ladies." Rachel hopped off thestool and strutted off to find the loo while Joe more than appreciated the view of her backside swayingas she went. He would lay bets on the fact she was wearing one of her g-strings because for sure therewere no panty lines visible. He slipped a hand into his inside jacket pocket and retrieved his phone tocheck a few emails and before long was deeply engrossed in a document one of his clients had sent forhis approval. Suddenly the lights dimmed and the music stopped and Joe’s eyes were directed to thestage by a lone spotlight. He wondered what the bloody hell was going on and cursed Rachel for leavinghim on his own when the curtain drew back and his jaw fell open. He felt like all the air had been suckedout of the room leaving him breathless and light headed. There on the stage in nothing but her highheels and various other cleverly placed adornments stood Rachel. His Rachel. His forty somethinglooking like a million dollars Rachel. Oh my fucking god, kill me now; instant boner inducing Rachel. Joewas shocked. He frantically whipped his head around and was relieved to confirm he was the only one inthe audience. The little minx had this planned all along. He exhaled the breath he didn’t even realise hewas holding and took a long gulp of his bourbon.
"Hello Joe." Her voice sounded sultry and the hairs on his arms stood on end. "Happy Valentine’sDay baby." Goosebumps erupted over his skin as the sultry tone of Ella Fitzgerald filled the room and thewoman on stage began to move to the beat of ‘Fever. She grabbed on to a pole he hadn’t even noticed was there and swung herself around it and his heart stopped in fear but thank fully she didn’t attemptanything more perilous than some shimmying and suggestive rubbing. Joe was mesmerised. It shouldhave been clichéd and cringey but Rachel could really move and was so confident that she totally pulledit off.
"Fuck." Joe swore under his breath. His heart was in his mouth and his cock strained painfullyagainst the zip of his trousers. His skin grew damp as his arousal built and he felt like the livingembodiment of the title of the song. In all his life Joe Mason had never witnessed anything as erotic asthis beautiful woman dancing just for his pleasure and he was humbled by it. Rachel approached himand grabbed his tie pulling him onto a chair in the middle of the dance floor. She proceeded to drapeherself seductively all over him while caressing and licking and nipping at his neck and throat and lips.Every time he tried to draw her in for a kiss she pulled back teasing him to the point of madness.
On closer inspection Joe took note of what Rachel was wearing. She had a leather strappy halternecked bodice on and tight black satin bottom hugging knickers over fishnet stockings. Bits of chain mailand red ribbon added decoration to the harness like top and as she moved, Joe could see her nippleswhich made him groan. They were erect and his mouth watered with longing to taste and suck just inthe way he knew would make her scream for more, but Rachel was having none of it. She was the oneteasing him and driving his frustration levels through the roof. "Rach." He croaked willing her to put himout of his misery but she simply smiled at him and wagged her finger and ended her dance on a flourishof bendy movements that left Joe panting.
The music ended and the curtains drew together robbing Joe of the best view of the mostentertaining show he had ever sat through. His first instinct was to rip them back down, throw Rachelover his shoulder and take her home and fuck her through the mattress but then he remembered thatshe had done this for Valentine’s Day and probably had a slightly different idea as to how the rest of theevening should go. And so he clapped and whistled and shouted ‘encore’ until Rachel finally appearedagain although she had put her dress back on. He stood and beckoned her in to his arms. "Baby that waswonderful. You were incredible up there. I loved it. Thank you." He peppered his words with little kissesto her cheeks and Rachel looked like she was going to burst with happiness which made Joe’s heart swellto gigantic proportions in his chest and he cleared his throat loudly. "We are so getting a pole fitted athome."
Rachel burst out laughing. "No way mate – this was a one time special offer. You have no ideahow nervous I was – I’m never doing that again." Joe grabbed her and whispered in her ear all the thingshe was feeling both emotionally and physically and Rachel melted in his arms. It was such a rare thingfor Joe to open up and get emotional that it brought her to tears of joy as his words drowned her in love.
"Joe. I love you Joe. I wanted to do something for you that was out of my comfort zone and totallysurprising. I was worried you’d hate it."
"I didn’t hate it."
"I know I’m no spring chicken but it was a lot of fun. Made me feel sexy." Rachel buried her headin Joe’s chest feeling slightly embarrassed now the adrenaline had worn off.
"Made me feel sexy."
Rachel shivered at Joe’s deep drawl. "It did?"
"It did." Joe took her hand and rubbed it along the steely hardness in his pants. "This is all yourdoing." He lifted her chin using the index finger of his right hand and placed his left hand in the small ofher back. In one swift movement Joe bent her backwards and kissed her deeply. He explored every partof her mouth with his tongue leaving her a mass of heaving, wanton desire.
"Take me home now Joe." Rachel tugged his beard and he grunted. Whenever she did that itmade his balls tingle with anticipation and on top of the sexiest lap dance in the history of sexy lapdances Joe was ready to explode.
Joe didn’t even remember driving home which only took about twenty minutes, and then he wasthrough the door racing up the stairs pulling back the bed covers and ripping off his clothes like a man ona mission. When Rachel arrived minutes later, she stood frozen in the doorway of their bedroom greetedby the sight of Joe in all his naked glory propped up against the headboard. He was stroking himselfslowly. "Do it again Rach – right there with the light from the street shining behind you. Dance for mebaby." He tapped a button on his phone and Ella started up once more from his itunes playlist.
Rachel exhaled trying to calm her rapidly drumming heart. Joe looked magnificent and it was allshe could do not to jump him there and then. But the fact that he wanted her to dance for him again wasfantastic. It was the biggest compliment he could have bestowed upon her and there was no faking theway he was looking at her at that moment from hooded lust filled eyes. She shucked off her coat leavingit in a pool at her feet and shimmied out of her dress undulating against the architrave in place of a pole.She still had the intricate strappy leather top on and she ran her fingers up and down the straps exposingtantalising bits of flesh. In the privacy of their bedroom with no threat of interruption, Rachel made hermoves far more provocative and the resulting grunts and groans from the bed spurred her on to getdirtier.
"Jesus Rachel you’re killing me." Joe continued pumping himself and with the other hand reacheddown and played with his balls. Every so often he’d move his hand back over his chest brushing his sensitive nipples and then down his abs to his groin. He was working himself up to the point that Rachelcould no longer refrain from joining her lover on the bed. Kicking off her shoes she climbed on at thebottom and crawled on all fours between Joe’s spread legs and up his body until they were face to face.The song finished and the silence in the room was broken only by the heavy breathing of the two peopleon the bed who looked on the brink of pouncing on each other in a desperate attempt to douse the fireburning within them both. Rachel hovered over Joe who no longer content to wait for her to make thenext move, grabbed her head with both hands and smashed their mouths together in a passionateonslaught meshing their lips and tongues and occasionally teeth.
Rachel collapsed onto Joe’s chest unable to withstand the power of his touch and the leatherstraps of her bodice teased Joe’s skin and pulled slightly at his chest hair. It drove him insane and hewriggled underneath her to add more friction grasping on to her bum cheeks to keep her in place.Moving his mouth away from hers for a badly needed oxygen break, Joe nipped at Rachel’s bee stunglower lip before tugging on her collar. "I like the way this looks on you." His voice was husky with lustwhich made Rachel shiver and Joe grunted as she brushed his cock with her body. "Keep it on but get ridof the panties."
Rachel placed the palms of her hot little hands on Joe’s pecs and pushed herself up to standingplacing one foot either side of his chest to give him the best view. She slowly began to release thestockings and removed them one by one dropping them on to his face which he quickly batted away. Sheunhooked the suspender belt and flung it behind her and they heard a clack as it hit her dressing table.Joe grinned and Rachel giggled. This was so much fun. Rachel hooked her thumbs into the sides of herbig black satin knickers and slowly drew them down her legs – she actually hated them but they suitedtheir purpose and Joe’s eyes were getting wider and wider as he waited for the moment she’d have tostep out of them. Not wanting to disappoint, she removed one foot leaving the underwear hookedaround the other then slowly lifted her leg so that they dangled over Joe’s head. He reached out hishands and she held on for balance as she continued to amuse him with her antics. Next she flicked thepanties into the distance with a jerk of her foot and shuffled up the bed standing directly over Joe’shead. He laid his head back on the pillow and smiled widely.
"Hello Joe."
"You look nice." Joe’s hands were wrapped around Rachel’s ankles."You look like a man who knows what he wants."

"I always know what I want sweetheart." He winked at her and Rachel’s breath caught in herthroat. Joe Mason really was a terrifyingly attractive man and not at all shy spread out on their bedwearing nothing but a bobbing leaking cock.
"And what would that be Joe?" Rachel winked back and she heard him chuckle as his stronghands grabbed her around the waist and hauled her down to his face. Just before he dove home, Rachelheard one word that threatened to make her come before he’d even touched her.
Joe delved between Rachel’s legs as she sat on his face gripping on to the headboard as she rodehim to oblivion. He was engulfed with her scent and her juices and he was having a wonderful time.Feeling her respond to him as he tasted and probed with his tongue was turning him on and it was all hecould do not to jerk off at the same time. But he wanted to devote his attention to Rachel and give heras much pleasure as he could and so he focused on her body and used his quite considerable skill tomake her scream and beg and plead and sob. Finally, when he knew she was at the point of no return hesucked hard on her clit and slid two fat fingers into her throbbing cunt bringing her to a powerful climax.
Rachel rocked over Joe’s head as her orgasm slammed through her unable to think or breathe orfocus. She was floating on a cloud of ecstasy induced by Joe’s ridiculously wicked tongue and if it weren’tfor his hard grip on her waist she thought he might have had to actually scrape her off the ceiling. Finallyhe stopped lapping at her and she sighed and relaxed and Joe pulled her into a hug. Resting her head onhis shoulder Rachel idly played with his nipples and chest hair loving how it induced little sighs andgrunts from her man mattress. "That was amazing. Fucking incredible."
"Why thank you. I have a very specific set of skills..." Joe barked a laugh as he quoted the famousline from a recent movie and Rachel rolled her eyes and tugged on his beard. As if on cue Joe’s cock tooknotice and he grunted. "I don’t know why the fuck that happens." He frowned.
"What baby?" Rachel was curious.
"Every time you pull on my beard I feel it in my balls or my cock. It’s like there’s an invisible lineconnecting them. Weird." Rachel laughed and then purposefully yanked at the hair on his face and Joe’seyes fluttered closed.
"Oh my god it’s true." Rachel’s voice was full of wonder. "Oh the possibilities." She giggled andhe popped one eye open to glare at her.
"Don’t even think about it Mrs R." Rachel gasped at the use of a nickname she never wanted tohear form Joe. It was what Luc had insisted on calling her during their affair as a kind of oblique reference to Mrs Robinson and their age difference. She hated it from Luc and she certainly didn’t everwant to be referred to it by Joe.
"Don’t call me that Joe. Please." Her tone was serious and her lover narrowed his eyes at her.
"Oh kayyyy."
"Don’t take that tone with me Patronising Joe or there will be consequences." Rachel gave twoshort sharp tugs on Joe’s beard and he yelped but she could tell it drove him wild and so she distractedhim from asking her any more about the Mrs R thing by combining another pull on his beard with asharp bite to his nipple. Joe jerked and Rachel nearly ended up tumbling to the floor but he caught herand sat her back atop his hips. Rachel reached behind her and positioned Joe’s cock so that it rested hotand heavy along the crack of her arse; she could feel it throbbing and loved how it pulsed against herflesh. "Love how you feel." Rachel licked and sucked at the skin of Joe’s neck below the hairline andacross his Adam’s apple.
"Fucking love your tongue." Joe craned his neck back offering more of his throat. Rachel obligedby laving at his flesh hitting all of his most sensitive triggers making the man practically purr. "Need youbaby." Joe lifted Rachel by the waist and slowly lowered her on to his cock to the background of muchhissing and sighing and moaning coming from them both. "God you’re so hot. No don’t move – let melook at you." Rachel sat up straight so Joe could study her bodice and he ran his fingers up and down theleather playing with the ribbons and teasing her flesh underneath. "You are the most exquisite woman Ihave ever laid eyes on. This attire suits you very well." Joe pulled at her nipples where they had becomeexposed through the gaps in the leather and Rachel rocked on his lap building the heat between them.Joe reached behind her neck and fiddled with the fastening and then the bodice fell away from her bodyso that Joe could lavish her smooth olive skin with his hands. He was all over her paying particularattention to her breasts while she reached back and fondled his balls until the craving for release got toomuch and Rachel clenched and Joe bucked and they found a frantic rhythm that drove them onwardsand onwards until...
"Gonna come Rach..." Joe’s voice was croaky and his muscles rigid as he strained to hold off.
"Wait for me Joe" Rachel cried in response panting as she slammed up and down on his cock. "Ohgod, oh! Now Joe!" Rachel screamed as Joe thrust into her hard and filled her with his hotcome shouting her name as she spasmed hard through her own climax. They clutched at each other astheir bodies coasted on waves upon waves of pleasure and then finally Rachel collapsed on top of hervery sweaty man. "Fucking epic Bossman."
"Indeed." Joe growled. They both remained silent caught up in the afterglow of their powerfullovemaking until Rachel lifted her head and spotted the time.
"Oh look, it’s gone midnight. Happy Valentine’s Day." Rachel snorted and rolled off Joe’s chestand on to her back. The mattress felt cool on her damp skin and she reached down to the covers pullingthem up to her armpits. Joe rolled over and snuggled into her side nuzzling her shoulder. "S’alright Joe –I know you’re a non-believer." Rachel sighed and kissed his forehead.
"Baby – it’s not that, and believe me if anything was going to change my mind it would be all theeffort you made tonight. You were incredible Rachel and I’m the luckiest guy alive."
Rachel grinned and blushed a little. "Glad you liked it. But seriously Joe – I know it’s just a sillyday, I just like having the excuse to show you how much I love you."
"There’s nothing silly about that – I could learn a lesson or two from you."
"Oh yeah? If you’re thinking of giving me a lap dance then don’t let me stop you." Rachel laughedimagining Joe stripping for her, gyrating his hips and mighty fine arse to a seductive beat.
"Never say never darlin’ - I might just surprise you one of these days." Joe’s hot breath teased herear and Rachel sighed. She was so happy she sometimes thought it couldn’t be true. After losing Nateand then Luc, Rachel was so sure she’d never strike lucky a third time, but Joe was everything she’d everdreamed of and so much more. She really didn’t need a Valentine’s Day card when she had the sexiestman on two legs in her bed proving to her on a regular basis just how much he loved her. She yawnedfeeling sated and sleepy and they snuggled up closer until slumber took them.

Morning rolled around and Rachel woke to an empty bed and an extremely full bladder. Easingherself on to her feet she cursed as her body screamed in protest. Last night was amazing but at her ageshe was paying dearly for it the next day. She shuffled to the bathroom and went to the loo; brushed herhair and wrapped her robe around her, then went off to find Joe. She grabbed the card she’d hidden inher dressing table and hoped beyond hope that he had the coffee going.
Joe heard Rachel thundering down the stairs. It always amused him that for someone so light shewas incredibly heavy footed. He dashed to the kitchen doorway skidding to a halt and filled up the spacewith his big body denying her entrance "Whatcha doing Joe?" Rachel tried to peer around him but he blocked her view with his t-shirt clad torso. Rachel lifted her head to look at him questioningly and hisknees actually went weak as he looked into her big brown eyes. She was so gorgeous she made his heartbeat faster.
"That for me?" Joe cocked his head at her and grabbed the card.
"Close your eyes and no peeking." Rachel frowned then did as she was told and Joe wriggledbehind her and covered her eyes with his hand. He then nudged her slowly forward until they reachedthe table where he manoeuvred her in to a chair. "Ok you can open them now." Rachel grinned andmade lots of approving noises as she took in the view. Joe had made her breakfast. He’d laid a prettycloth over the table and used the posh chinaware and crystal. He passed her a flute filled with expensivechampagne and they each sipped at the bubbles. There were baskets of different kinds of rolls andbreads and exquisite looking pastries, and platters of cheese and cold meat and smoked salmon and fruitand handmade chocolates. It looked divine and she was touched by all the trouble he’d gone to.
"Oh Joe this is fabulous. My mouth is watering just looking at it – can we eat?" Joe laughed asRachel licked her lips. One of the things he adored about her was her ability to appreciate food andindulge herself. No lettuce leaves for his Rachel, and they often enjoyed a good meal together.
"In a minute sweetheart. First let me give you this." Joe presented her with a card and a gift bagfrom De Beers. "Happy Valentine’s Day." Rachel shrieked and jumped on to his lap and wrapped herarms around his neck and squeezed.
"Yay! You’ve come over to the dark side. I’m so happy...You open your card first." Joe obliged byripping open the envelope to find a cute card with two fat teddy bears on the front cuddling under ashower of pink hearts. "I didn’t write much as I think you’ll agree my actions spoke for themselves!"Rachel was obviously referring to last night and Joe’s cock twitched at the memory.
"Oh yeah – no words needed." He hugged her tight. "Go on – open your stuff now."
Rachel tore open her card almost forgetting about her present and cried when she read thewords that had taken Joe so long to compose. She sniffed her way through his beautiful declaration oflove and kissed him hard. He wiped away her tears and urged her to open the gift. "Oh fuck – that’sperfect." He’d bought Rachel a platinum necklace with a large heart charm filled with floating diamonds."Put it on me." Her hands were shaking too much to master the catch and Joe took the jewellery fromher and fastened it around her neck. He loosened her robe and let the sleeves fall away from hershoulders so he could appreciate his purchase against her skin with no distractions.
"You look exquisite. I love you Rachel; no more today than every day. But I’m glad to have theexcuse to show and tell. I promise that on every February 14th for the rest of our lives I’ll use the sameexcuse just because it makes you happy."
"You make me very happy Joe. Thank you for everything; I love it and I love you - so much." Theykissed passionately and for a long time until Rachel finally broke them apart. She nuzzled his nose."Joe?"
"Hmm baby, what?"
"Can we eat now I’m starving?"


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What’s in store for Luc? The boy man god is sent to New York on a work assignment and while he is there findsdistraction in the arms of a beautiful blonde.
Back in England, Luc attends Rachel and Joe’s wedding reception where he is shocked to discover his all Americangirl is there too...and she’s moved to London. They pick up where they left off and embark on a passionate andintense relationship.... but who is she really and will her true identity destroy any hope Luc ever had for his ownhappy ever after?
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