Sunday, March 15, 2015

★ RELEASE DAY BLITZ ☆ Seized by JC Coulton

BOOK: Seized Part 1
SERIES: Seize Me Crime Fiction Series
AUTHOR: JC Coulton
RELEASE DATE: March 15th, 2015


One night of fun in New York City, lands news researcher, Carrie, in the middle of the most important story of her life.

With her friend April now abducted by armed men, Carrie immediately seeks help from the police. There, she finds an old high school friend, Blake, working and in the middle of a human trafficking investigation that April may have fallen prey to.

Old friends will have to wade through their own dark pasts and band together to rescue April from the clutches of a sadistic ring. But, what they uncover, proves to make their search even more desperate.

As April's life hangs in the balance, can Carrie and Blake break through their trust issues and find her before its too late?



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AMAZON UK: Kindle / Paperback

Everything Blakesaid washes over me, and with it, the realizations surface hard and fast. Mybest friend’s uncle is a kidnapper. April is a pawn. They will probably killher. There’s nothing I can do. Thank God I got away, but now I may lose my bestfriend forever. And lastly, how did I know nothing about this?
It all makessense, though. This is the reason April’s mom always kept them away from heruncle. This is the reason she’s been acting weird, and this is what made Aprilso reluctant to go the club. I can’t believe she wouldn’t tell me somethingthis big. Maybe she didn’t know? The thoughts are endless, swirling around myhead. I don’t know where to begin, but I know one thing: there’s no way I canbe alone. No matter how much I want to.
"So, where’syour place then?" I ask him directly, and there’s immediate relief on his facethat I’m considering it.
She’s finallystarting to unwind. I tell myself I should be keeping notes on the progress ofmy witness. But who am I kidding? I’ve been watching her like a hawk from themoment I saw her, and it has nothing to do with keeping witness notes. I’vedone my fair share of tough assignments in this job, but this is hard in adifferent way. Sticking like glue to the woman who got away.
She was the firstone to break me back then, and it sucked. One moment I’m getting up the courageto ask her out, and the next she leaves for the entire summer and comes backacting like I’m the fucking invisible man. Christ, we were good friends. It wasa waste. I have no idea what I did or didn’t do. She just never called again. Women.This is why they have a bad reputation. This is why we need a manual. Thingsbreak on the inside, and we don’t even know they need repairing before theychew us out or take off.
Not long afterit went sour with Carrie, my mom finally snapped. She caught Dad spending moneyon unsavory pussy and left him. Well, she left us all, really. Brenda and I hadto deal with his rages after that. The Wiley old bastard made sure he didn’ttake it too far because he needed us. Without Mom in the picture, he had no oneto pick on. He didn’t want to be alone with his resentments and pain. I wishwe’d had the courage to leave earlier, but we needed to hit rock bottom beforewe saw there was another way.
Change is likethat. Sometimes shit needs to get utterly unbearable.
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